Video Texture Plugin

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Welcome to the home of the Video Texture Plugin for Sketchup

With this plugin you can play videos (most common file formats supported) on textures and therefore on any surface of a Sketchup model. This can be used for different kinds of animations, or to just integrate a movie into some scene.

Currently only Windows is supported , No Mac Support yet, sorry. Maybe later.

  • Any number of videos possible simultanously (as your hardware performance supports)
  • Fluent live playback on reasonably modern hardware with not too complex models.
  • Render to file function for full framerate rendering
  • Scene-Animation Support
  • Full individual control over Videos (Start,Stop, Seek to any position)
  • Video Associations are stored with the model, so after opening a saved model, everything is still as it was when it was saved.
  • Sketchup 64-Bit versions supported
  • Intuitive and Simple User Interface